Proov is a woman-founded startup that invented the first FDA-cleared at-home PdG (progesterone marker) test to confirm successful ovulation. Since developing this first test, Proov has expanded to a wide range of other at-home fertility tests.

Proov’s goal is to help women get more information about their hormones and cycles so they can get to their goals faster, and they wanted video ads to support that.

Because the PDG test is an innovative test that confirms ovulation rather than predicts it, Proov has to provide a significant amount of education for their audience in their ads and on their website. In particular, Proov focused on sharing how their PDG test differs from the standard ovulation test seen in the pharmacy.



Growth is the Name of the Game

As a venture-backed start-up company, Proov needed to maximize their growth. They saw the high conversion of video ads as the solution to getting information into the hands of women trying to conceive while achieving that growth.

Before working with Primer, Proov primarily focused on static ads created by their small, in-house marketing team to educate and empower women during their fertility journey. By 2022, they started making the transition to video ads, which are shown to drive 48% higher sales than their static equivalents.

Video ads out perform static ads and drive 48% higher sales

Like many performance marketers, they struggled to find the resources to create the video ads themselves for the following reasons:

  • Their internal design team was small and did not have any video experience.
  • They didn’t have prior knowledge to optimize and test video ads at the scale and speed they needed to achieve maximum growth.
  • Their small in-house team couldn’t support the volume of creative needed for video ad testing.

Proov knew they needed a partner who could unlock their growth potential and fill a pipeline of stellar, informative creative for video ads and landing pages.

Enter Primer.


Partnering with Primer to Create and Test High-Converting Video Ads

Proov hired Primer in early 2022 to solve this problem of boosting their growth through video ads. Proov wanted to learn how to leverage video ads and landing pages to empower women and educate them about their cycle.

To help Proov build their strategy, Primer shared proven video ads, templates, hook ideas, and what works well with other brands.


Primer’s On Demand team worked as a resource to

  • Provide proven concepts that they can easily build from to create high-converting video ads
  • Share designs made by growth experts to ensure they are meeting all performance marketing best practices
  • Deliver video ads and landing pages in as little as three business days so they can continuously test and find new wins 


Using Proven Templates and Themes for Video Ads

Using these templates and examples, Proov was able to jump-start their work with Primer.

According to Maddie Barbera, Marketing Manager at Proov, “When we got off the ground, we had no knowledge of what was going to work and what kind of videos to make, so we thought we should test it all. We used a lot of Primer’s hooks and stacked our queue really long, which taught us a lot about what content works and what doesn’t.”

Proov infused education into their video ads and landing pages using the ideas shared by the Primer team to engage with their “information seeker” persona, women searching for information about their fertility journey. With their long queue of creative in the Primer On-Demand platform, Proov tested different ideas using these hooks and examples to understand what video content works best for their target customers.

Proov quickly learned that what you expect to perform might not always work.

“We had a lot of hypotheses about what content would perform well,” Barbera said, “but we were rarely right. We tried ads about ovarian reserve testing to go up against a competitor, but they totally tanked. Primer taught us a lot about how to educate people.”

After learning and testing, they found that the How It Works template resonated well with their audience and provided the education necessary to move toward a purchase decision.


How it works formula is great for video ads


Leveraging Existing UGC Content

Primer and Proov UGC video ads

Along with learning about what works and what doesn’t, Primer also enabled Proov to leverage their cache of existing UGC content and video testimonials of women getting pregnant with the support of Proov products. Primer, Proov was able to capitalize on this UGC to create ad and landing page content quickly and easily.

The process was simple: Proov simply has to give Primer a script and the vibe of the ad, and Primer’s creative team can splice together UGC and other video content into high-conversion video ads and a partnering landing page.

This process of quickly generating content with Primer’s support allowed Proov’s in-house team to focus their energy on retargeting and structuring their ads according to their customer’s journey rather than spending time learning video and becoming growth-advertising experts.

For example, they found the following sequence resonated with their audience and moved them through the buyer’s journey:

Starting with a “how Proov works” style ad

Retargeting that same audience with video ads that focus on their founder’s story

Ending with a UGC-style ad helped their customers convert


This order of ads appealed to their “information seeker” persona because it started with education about the products, shared a deeply emotional story that gives the brand ethos, and ended with a real woman using Proov products during her journey to conceive.


Education-Focused Landing Pages

Before working with Primer, Proov knew that landing pages would be important, but they didn’t realize just how important they would be to their overall strategy.

Primer helped Proov reach women seeking information about infertility and at-home testing by strategically pairing ads with a landing page that digs deeper, delivers more information to that woman, and persuades her to try Proov at-home tests.


Proov grabs the reader’s attention on this landing page with the question, “Want to Get Pregnant?” coupled with a video showing how easy it is to test with Proov. Then they share a quiz to help women make an informed decision on the right testing product to purchase, a walkthrough of how easy testing can be with Proov products, and testimonials by real Proov users to provide layers of education to their audience.

The best part: Proov found that these landing pages were continuously reusable. After finding the ones that tested well, they updated packaging photos and other images as needed to keep the landing page fresh.


Results: Taking Ad Creative Production from 0 to 100

Before working with Primer, Proov relied solely on static ads produced by their internal resources.

By working with Primer On-Demand, Proov accelerated their video ad creation and now has 60 successful ads and 18 landing pages created by Primer that they can leverage to drive conversions.

According to the marketing team at Proov, working with Primer has “really taken landing page and video production from 0 to 100.”


Want to Partner with Primer?

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