Steal This Ad Creative Template for Q5: How It Works


At Primer, we have a playbook of several themes we know drive strong performance. One of those proven themes is what we call “how it works”. The magic in this theme is that it explains the individual steps a prospective customer would go through to get from their problem to a solution. The ad makes it feel quick and easy! Just like these ads, we will break down how you can turn this ad creative template into an ad that converts for your brand.

Whether you’re using this theme to produce video ads, image ads, or a landing page, this concept is clear and concise. It breaks down the product or service into short, actionable steps that feel easy and relatable.

Try This Ad Creative Template for Image Ads

When you’re working with static image ads, the goal is to convey as much information as possible, while still keeping the image clear and attention-grabbing. Here are a few ways we achieve this:

Simple Steps 

Break your image up into four sections and walk the user through each step to go from problem to desired solution.

Ad Creative Template for Image Ads

How I_____ 

In this image, we break down a product by showing how it helped solve the problem. If possible, it’s great to share specific information here (e.g. ingredients) to provide proof of the solution.

Ad Creative Template for Image Ads


This simple image format breaks down the steps from problem to solution in a checklist format.

Ad Creative Template for Image Ads

Improve Your Video Ads with This Ad Creative Template

When creating a video ad using the How It Works theme, the goal is to quickly and succinctly walk users through the steps from problem to solution. To make that easier, we created a winning script that does just that.

Ad Creative Template for Video Ads Example

Here it is in action:

And here we break down how we used the template to produce this video. (Pro tip: if your product involves an online purchase, show video footage of the user going through that process. Even better if it’s on a mobile device so it feels familiar when users are scrolling through their phones!)

Ad Creative Template for Video Ads Example

To make creating video ads even easier, we put together a downloadable How It Works video ad creative brief.

Download a video ad creative template and creative brief

Convert Users With This How It Works Landing Page Creative Template

When How It Works ads are combined with a How It Works landing page, you can be sure that your potential customers have the information they need to fully understand how your product or service can help them.

Similar to images and videos, the How It Works landing page breaks down the steps it takes for a prospective customer to go from problem to solution with your product.

View the page here.

In this example, we combine the step-by-step process with customer testimonials and press logos to provide proof of its effectiveness. When you’re creating your landing page, follow this same structure to balance explanation with proof.

Here are more tips on how to create landing pages that convert.

Start Testing Now

As we wind down 2022 and look ahead to the New Year, many marketers scale back ad spend and slowly transition into January. At Primer, we recommend the exact opposite. Instead, we suggest you start prepping your next video ad creative brief and go big into Q5. We’ll help you get a jumpstart with this high-converting How It Works video ad creative template.

Get Ready to Scale Up During the Cheapest CPMs of the Year

Q5 is the “hidden quarter”. It’s the period between December 26 and mid January, when CPMs go down and engagement is high.

During the 2021-2022 Q5 period, TikTok reported a 22% decrease in CPMs and a 24% increase in video views. At Primer, we have seen similar decreases in CPMs across all channels, including TikTok, Facebook/Instagram and Google. CPAs have also dropped as much as 32% during the same period.

Paid Social CPMs lowest in Q5

So why don’t more brands take advantage? Many marketers still think that January is quiet outside of health and wellness. While health and wellness brands do very well, Q5 can benefit any brand poised for the drop in costs.

Skip the “New Year, New You” Messaging

As you’re gearing up for Q5, you can skip the New Year, New You messaging. That overplayed tactic elicits instant eye rolls from most consumers. Instead, focus on your brand’s unique value proposition and mix 2023 into the messaging to ensure relevancy.

2023 ad creative

Now that you have the framework in place, we recommend you start testing right away. The sooner you can get your ads live, the longer you have to find wins that you can scale when CPMs drop around Christmas Day.