We’ve crunched the numbers on thousands of video ads, and we know that the first three seconds of your video ad determine whether or not it will perform. These 101 video hooks included below are proven to help boost ad performance on Meta, TikTok, Pinterest, and more. (They even work for organic videos on TikTok and Instagram Reels.) 


  1. Save time and money with [product]
  2. Save time and money on [task]
  3. Is [product] worth it? Let’s see!
  4. Why is a good [product category] so expensive and hard to find? 
  5. Need affordable [product type]? Watch this!
  6. How to find affordable [service]
  7. I can’t believe this only costs [price]



  1. What’s in [product]?
  2. Questions I get about [product]
  3. Now you can get X delivered to your door
  4. Thinking about trying [product type]?
  5. Let me introduce you to [product]
  6. [category] Tip #X
  7. Here’s how to get [value prop]: 
  8. I know this sounds crazy but…
  9. How to get X in just 10 minutes
  10. How to make time for X
  11. Let me show you my biggest life hack for X
  12. Get more [value prop] in your day


Versus the Alternative (or Competition)

  1. Before you try [product type], watch this:
  2. Hate [the worse alternative]? Try this!
  3. Thinking about [worse alternative]?
  4. Instead of doing [worse alternative], try this:
  5. Still [the worse alternative to the product]? Watch this:
  6. Something that’s always bothered me about X
  7. Don’t buy X that won’t work. Instead, try this
  8. I tried every [product category] so you don’t have to: here’s what I found
  9. Stop doing [worse alternative]. Try [product]:
  10. Dealing with [negative experience]? I used [product] to help 
  11. Why millennials are switching to [product]
  12. How to do X without [worse alternative]  
  13. I ONLY get my [product category] from [brand name]
  14. I don’t buy my [product category] from [worse alternative]
  15. [Worse alternative] can be hard to deal with
  16. Your new X alternative
  17. [value prop] without the [negative side effect]
  18. I kept [pain point], so I tried this instead!
  19. If you [pain point] — you need to see this!
  20. I wanted to stop doing X, so I tried this instead


User Experience

  1. Guys, it’s here…..
  2. What I ordered vs. what I got
  3. [Product] unboxing
  4. Let’s make X with [product]
  5. POV: You tried [product]
  6. A day in the life of X
  7. Get ready with me to do [task]
  8. “Put a finger down” [product category] edition
  9. Trying home remedies to X
  10. [Product category] ASMR
  11. My friend said X. So I tried [product]
  12. My X went from this… to this… with [product]
  13. Before/After


Outlier Method of Creative Testing


Responding to Hype

  1. TikTok made me try [product]
  2. Things TikTok made me try #13
  3. This [product type] is going viral on [social media platform]
  4. I tested the viral [product type] to see if it lives up to the hype
  5. This [product type] has over 5,000 reviews… let’s see if it’s worth it
  6. [Publication] can’t stop raving about us
  7. So good it sold out in a week



It’s Easier

  1. Are you [accomplishing the goal optimally]?
  2. Life Hack: Try [product] for [pain point]
  3. My go-to [product] for [pain point]
  4. How to easily [task]
  5. [Task] has never been easier than with [product]
  6. My favorite [product] to make [hard task] easier
  7. Here’s my favorite product for [task]
  8. Struggling to do [task]?
  9. So, I’ve been struggling with [task], but [product] has really helped
  10. Easiest way to do [task]?
  11. Make your week easier
  12. Why adults avoid [task]…. [product] makes it easy
  13. [Product] made [task] so much easier! You’ve got to try it
  14. When I use [product], it’s one less thing I have to worry about




  1. 5 Ways [product] Helps [pain point]
  2. 3 reasons to buy [product]
  3. 3 reasons to try [service]
  4. Get [value prop] in 3 steps:
  5. Here are 3 ways [worse alternative] affects your life:


The Best

  1. The internet’s #1 [product type]
  2. The best way to [accomplish the goal of the product]
  3. What makes [the product type] the best?
  4. My skin has never looked better with [product]
  5. The best way to find X in 2022 
  6. [Product] changed how I do [task], and I’m never going back
  7. Why is [product] so good though?
  8. After hours of researching, I found the best [product type] for [task]
  9. I found the best [product category] for [value prop]



Other Video Hooks that Address Viewers Directly

  1. Hey, [customer type], you’ve got to try this
  2. People looking for [product category], stop scrolling
  3. Wait, have you tried X?
  4. Take control of your X with [product]
  5. Imagine if X was also X
  6. Watch this if you X 



Facts & Stats

  1. PSA: [statement about product category]
  2. Did you know? [fact about product category] 
  3. I just found out [fact about product category] 
  4. Are you one of [fact about product category] people who do X
  5. New customers get [discount]
  6. Take [discount] off when you try [product]
  7. I didn’t know X could be related to X
  8. Why is it important to [do product-related task]?


There You Have It!

Now that you’re an expert on video hooks, make sure the rest of your ad is a scroll-stopper, too. Check out our top copy templates and 7 tactics to get your ads in TikTok Top Ads. Make sure you’re testing all that creative for maximum growth with our Outlier Method.

Outlier Method of Creative Testing

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