We’ve officially partnered with TikTok to produce performance marketing videos for advertisers through the TikTok Creative Exchange! The Creative Exchange allows brands like yours to use our video ad expertise to grow quickly on the platform.

Every single one of our partners that we’ve worked with on TikTok has been featured in TikTok’s Top Ads, their library of top-performing ad creative. This achievement has garnered us a spot as one of the top agencies on TikTok, even giving us access to unique beta opportunities.

100% of the partners we’ve worked with on TikTok have been featured in TikTok’s Top Ads.

Do you want to be featured, too? If you’re a direct-to-consumer brand needing to hit growth goals, we may be a perfect fit.

“Our unique method works extremely well on TikTok,” said Primer CEO and Co-Founder, Kamo Asatryan. “We take formulas that have proven to work across multiple partners and platforms and create a version that is native to TikTok. The results have been incredible.”


A Must-Have For B2C Brands

As TikTok’s influence as an e-commerce engine grows, advertisers are finding huge opportunities to tap into a highly engaged audience of shoppers. A recent study from Insider Intelligence found that 71% of TikTok users worldwide shop when they stumble across something in their feed, stories, or other content.

“Right now, TikTok is one of the most powerful platforms for advertisers, combining the two most successful marketing tactics of 2021 and 2022: short-form video and UGC content. Any DTC brand would be remiss not to invest in TikTok,” said Primer COO and Co-Founder Brady Flynn.

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