TikTok became the web’s #1 most-visited site in 2021, beating even Meta’s Facebook and Instagram, but many companies are still hesitant to grow their video ads on TikTok because…

  1. They think all TikTok users are GenZ
  2. They think their ads will fail

Both couldn’t be further from the truth!

TikTok is one of the most diverse advertising platforms out there. It has transformed people of all ages and backgrounds into content creators, and engagement is through the roof.TikTok users are increasingly becoming some of the most invested — both to the platform and to the brands they see on their For You Pages (FYPs). According to TikTok, on average, users spend around 1.5 hours on the platform a day!

So here are 7 reasons why your brand is falling behind if you aren’t advertising on TikTok yet:

1. 74.4% of TikTok’s US users are 20+

According to Backlinko, 74.4% of TikTok’s 128M US users are over the age of 20. TikTok isn’t just for GenZ.

You’re missing out on an entire category of customers you won’t find on other platforms – only 48% of TikTok users are also on Instagram for example.

2.  TikTok CPMs are 1/3 Facebook CPMs

In a review of our partner accounts, we found that CPMs for TikTok ads were 1/3 the cost of those on Facebook. With lower costs, TikTok is a great way to diversify paid media budgets and shift spend to a more profitable channel during high-competition months on other platforms.

3. Authentic Content = More Customer Trust

Unique to TikTok is user authenticity. Where Instagram is a highlight reel of everyone’s best lives, TikTok encourages people to broadcast their authentic style, daily habits, talents, and any other creative idiosyncrasies. Participating in the authenticity—rather than mimicking it—will drive success, and with the right messaging, increase engagement.

Take advantage of grassroot trends like “What I bought on TikTok”:


4. UGC-Style Content Means Lower Production Values Aren’t Just Okay… They’re Better

Use trends and the lo-fi vibes that permeate the platform to your advantage. Look to fun, creative brands like Gushers, Apostrophe, and Ryan Air for inspiration.

Often, it will take users a few seconds to realize the native-looking content they’re watching is actually an ad. By that time, they’re already engaged with your video and don’t want to click away.


5. Sound On = Brand Recognition that Sticks

TikTok is a “sound on” platform. That means you can get creative with music and voiceover choices versus on other, more traditional platforms, often offering more information than captions alone can convey. The use of sound, particularly what’s trending organically on the platform, is important to getting conversions.

It also means that you have users’ full attention. They want to be immersed in your video.


6. TikTok Ads Perform Well on Meta Too

Because TikTok ads feel so native and current, top TikTok ads perform amazingly on Facebook and Instagram, too!

On one of our partner accounts, introducing TikTok content into Facebook ads improved CPA by 24% MoM (October-Nov 2021).

When you figure out TikTok, you also improve your Facebook CACs and can get your account to a great place to scale.

7. Stand Out from the Crowd

Becoming an early adopter can help set you apart from your competition, and, in turn, help you own more of the TikTok market share. Check out the advertisers who have already become a part of TikTok Success Stories for in-feed ads.

As of January 2022, TikTok had 1 billion active monthly users worldwide, many of which don’t use Facebook or Instagram! That’s a huge audience that you’re potentially missing out on if you exclusively advertise on non-TikTok channels. 

How TikTok Differs from Meta Advertising

What sets TikTok apart from its other paid social counterparts is virality: TikTok can connect people around shared interests, since it’s not based on who you know or follow, but purely on content. This makes it easy for people and brands to go viral just through engaging videos.

The Future of TikTok

TikTok and TikTok ads aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Despite concerns about longevity, the app continues to attract masses and marketers will always advertise where the audience is present. This is why it’s a great time to get into TikTok now, before it becomes as saturated as Facebook or Instagram.

Get Started With TikTok

Primer’s team of marketing experts craft and optimize TikTok ads to drive new customers for your business.

We take your existing UGC and source TikTok specific creators to create conversion driven ad creatives that are native to the platform. Using the Primer Way, we rigorously test multiple creatives through the ads platform, optimizing messaging and targeting.

In the new and unexplored world of TikTok—with creatives fatiguing at unprecedented rates— utilizing high-volume testing is crucial to advertising success. Get ads that convert with Primer.