How It Works – Trendy Hook

From: Primer Designs
Relevant Industry: DTC (Direct-to-Consumer), Health & Wellness
Relevant Channel: Meta, TikTok
Length: 20-30S
Theme: How It Works
Size: 9:16

Video Script:

Intro hook: Watch my skin glow up in time for Hot Girl Summer

Ingredient highlight: I've been using Tretinoin and Hydroquinone from Apostrophe

Ingredient explaintion: Tretinoin unclogs pores and evens skin tone Hydroquinone targets hyperpigmentation

Additional product upsell: Of course you can't forget the sunscreen This one is safe for sensitive and acne-prone skin

Social proof: This derm-approved routine has been a total game changer Here's how I figured out what to use

How it works pt.1: I took a quick skin-type quiz with Apostrophe

How it works pt.2: Got my first treatment plan from a derm It was so easy

Ending hook: And it only took $20 to get started