Buyer Decision Questions – Comment Box

From: Primer Designs
Relevant Industry: Home Improvement
Relevant Channel: Facebook, Instagram, Meta, Pinterest, TikTok
Length: 20-30S
Theme: Buyer Decision Questions (BDQ)
Size: 4:5

Video Script:

Scroll-stopping question 1: Q: How do I keep my gutters from looking like this?! A: LeafFilter gutter guards

Question 2: Q: Is LeafFilter really cheaper than just hiring someone to clean my gutters? A: YES! I've saved thousands already

Question 3: Q: How does it keep the leaves out? A: Micromesh filter installed at an angle, everything just slides off

Question 4: Q: Is the company trustworthy? A: 1,000,000+ happy customers, expert installation, 4.5 stars on TrustPilot

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