Buyer Decision Questions – Branded Video

From: Primer Designs
Relevant Industry: B2B (Business-to-Business)
Relevant Channel: Meta
Length: 20-30S
Theme: Buyer Decision Questions (BDQ)
Size: 4:5

Video Script:

Intro hook: You've got how many MEETINGS this week?!

Product introduction : Introducing Otter, you AI virtual note taker

Question setup 1: Can Otter automate my notes for free?

Answer pointed question 1: Yup, 600 free minutes every month

Question setup 2: Is it easy to use?

Answer pointed question 2: Always. Record and transcribe live fro Zoom, Google Meet and more.

Question setup 3: Can I edit and organize my notes later?

Answer pointed question 3: Absolutely. Easily highlight, comment, and share with your team.

Use case: Rich notes for meetings, interviews, lectures, all your most important voice conversations

Call-to-action: Sign up for free today