BDQ – How It Works

From: Primer Designs
Relevant Industry: DTC (Direct-to-Consumer), Fashion & Apparel
Relevant Channel: Facebook, Instagram, Meta, Pinterest, TikTok
Length: 10-20S
Theme: Buyer Decision Questions (BDQ)
Size: 4:5

Video Script:

BDQ 1: Sustainably sourced.

BDQ 2: Carefully curated.

BDQ 3: Find your perfect fit with our true sizing standard

BDQ 4: We've saved 2.5+ garments from landfills 1.8B gallons of water 85M kg of carbon $89M dollars for Shoppers

How It Works Lead: Just...

How It Works 1: 1. Order your bundle at home

How It Works 2: Our team will hand-select your pieces

How It Works 3: And deliver your box right to you

How It Works 4: Then tell us what you like

End Card CTA: Goodfair Do good. Look good. Shop now