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From: Primer Designs
Relevant Industry: DTC (Direct-to-Consumer), E-Commerce
Relevant Channel: TikTok
Length: 20-30S
Theme: Press and Testimonials
Size: 9:16

Video Script:

Intro hook: This year's #1 gift for home chefs

Loved by: Loved by Forbes Men's Health Food & Win

Ssocial proof continued: I HAD to buy it for my husband

How it works: This smart thermometer cooks any type of meat or fish to perfection

How to step 1: 1. Insert 100% wireless

How to step 2: 2. Choose the settings in the app Expertly programmed temps

How to step 3: Cook indoors or out Perfect for grilling, smoking, baking + more

How to step 4: Get alerted when your meat is ready

Use-cases: Holidays Date nights Slow cook Sundays

Call-to-action: Get yours before they're gone