From 0 to 100 With Video Ads

Using Primer to Build and Test More Ad Creative


Proov is a woman-founded startup that invented the first FDA-cleared at-home PdG (progresterone marker) test to confirm successful ovulation. Since developing this first test, Proov has expanded to a wide range of other at-home fertility tests.

As a venture-backed startup company, Proov needed to maximize their growth. They saw the high conversion of video ads as the solution to getting information into the hands of women trying to conceive while achieving that growth. Like many performance marketers, they struggled to find the resources to create the video ads for themselves because:

  • Their internal design team was small and did not have any video experience
  • They didn’t have prior knowledge to optimize and test video ads at the scale and speed they needed to achieve maximum growth
  • Their small in-house team couldn’t support the volume of creative needed for video ad testing.


Test High-Converting Video Ads

Proov hired Primer in early 2022 to solve this problem of boosting their growth through video ads. Proov wanted to learn how to leverage video ads and landing pages to empower women and educate them about their cycle.

To help Proov build their strategy, Primer shared proven video ads, templates, hook ideas, and what works well with other brands.

Primer’s On-Demand team worked as a resource to

  • Provide proven concepts that they can easily build from to create high-converting video ads
  • Share designs made by growth experts to ensure they are meeting all performance marketing best practices
  • Deliver video ads and landing pages in as little as three business days so they can continuously test and find new wins 

Building a Creative Pipeline

Video Ads
Landing Pages


“When we got off the ground, we had no knowledge of what was going to work and what kind of videos to make, so we thought we should test it all. We used a lot of Primer’s hooks and stacked our queue really long, which taught us a lot about what content works and what doesn’t.”
— Maddie Barbera, Proov

Using proven templates and examples, Proov was able to jump-start their work with Primer.

  • Proov infused education into their video ads and landing pages using the ideas shared by the Primer team to engage with their “information seeker” persona.
  • Proov tested different ideas using these hooks and examples to understand what video content would work best for their target customers
  • After learning and testing, they found the How It Works template resonated well with their audience
  • Primer helped Proov reach women seeking information about fertility and at-home testing by strategically pairing ads with a landing page that delivers the information she needs to try the at-home tests

“We had a lot of hypotheses about what content would perform well, but we were rarely right. We tried ads about ovarian reserve testing to go up against a competitor, but they totally tanked. Primer taught us a lot about how to educate people.”

– Maddie Barbera,
Marketing Manager at Proov

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