Everywhere you turn, someone is talking about ChatGPT and other AI technologies that are taking the world by storm. But rather than wondering how AI might take someone’s job or even take over the world,  I—Primer COO and Co-founder Brady Flynn—put ChatGPT to the test to create scripts for video ads.

I found that if you give the AI bot the right information about your brand and the ad template you want to use, you can create a first draft of a video ad script in under five minutes!

Using this process, you can overcome one of the biggest hurdles we see in video ad creation for our clients — creating bulk ad creative and iterations of scripts for successful video ads. Since 9 out of 10 ads fail, it’s necessary to have multiple versions of your ads ready to launch so that you can identify clear winners and keep your creative pipeline rolling.

Let’s get started.


Step-by-Step Guide to Using ChatGPT for Video Ads


Step 1: Start a New Chat

The first step in this process is pretty straightforward. Open ChatGPT and start a new conversation to give yourself (and ChatGPT) a blank slate.

You can return to this conversation if you want to write more scripts using the same core information you’ll share in step 2. 


Step 2: Give ChatGPT Information 

After starting your new conversation, you’ll need to give ChatGPT the information it needs to write for your video ads. I recommend giving it information from your website, like the text from your homepage or other core page related to your video ad’s topic, product, or solution.

Before pasting your information, include a prompt to signal to ChatGPT what you want it to do with the information.

Try this prompt: Here is the information from a website for a brand called [insert your brand name here].

ChatGPT will then produce an overview summary of the information you provided.

For this test, I pulled from our On-Demand partner Proven’s homepage to create this summary that includes an overview of the brand and its benefits:

ChatGPT website summary to support your video ad scripts


Step 3: Pick an Ad Template for Your Video Ads

At Primer, we’ve created ad templates that convert and win across different platforms. Remember, the best marketers steal ideas that work rather than trying to reinvent the wheel with each new ad.

You’ll want to give ChatGPT one of these templates to help it write your video script.

For my test, I selected the Vs. Alternative template from our library of templates. 

Use the vs. alternative formula for your video ads


Step 4: Give ChatGPT an Example Using the Template

Next, you’ll want to share an example script using the template you chose, with a prompt telling ChatGPT exactly what to do with the information.

Try this prompt: Here’s a video script template for another brand [paste in the template you chose from Primer’s templates].

Using this example template, ChatGPT will first generate a script for that example, not your brand.

For my test, I shared this Vs. the Alternative script for the brand FitOn

Vs Alternative FitOn video ads template


Step 5: Use that Example Script to Generate Your Own Script

Now, you’ll ask ChatGPT to use that script and template to write a video ad script for your brand. Before prompting, select a hook that you want to use in your script.

Remember: a strong 3-second hook is the key to successful video ads. 

intro line templates for video ads

Try this prompt: Write another video script for [your brand]. Use an intro hook like [insert a script template].
Include voiceover and visual direction, broken into sections with the voiceover and visual directions in each section.

It’s important to ask for visual direction; otherwise, ChatGPT will only give you a voiceover.

For my test, I asked ChatGPT to use the hook “Stop scrolling if you want [solution]” to generate this script:


Step 6: Review Script and Import into Your Creative Brief

After generating the script, make sure you, a creative strategist, or a growth marketer review it.

We’ve found that while you can occasionally use the script as is, you’ll likely want to revise and edit some of the copywriting, which will ensure that

  1. The video script will produce a 20-30 second length ad—recommended to perform best on TikTok and Instagram.
  2. The information is accurate to your brand or product.
  3. You’re not missing moments where ChatGPT left a filler statement in your script instead of providing actual information. Example: In my test, ChatGPT failed to replace the x’s with relevant information for the hook “[x] hack #[x].”

After editing, import your script into a creative brief.

Go ahead and steal our creative brief template if you don’t have your own >>


Step 7: Make the Ad

Once you’ve edited your script and crafted your creative brief, it’s time to make your video ad!

A few options for making your video ads include

  1. Giving your brief to a video editor and using existing footage.
  2. Hiring a UGC creator to follow the general outline of the script and create new footage for your video editor.
  3. Using Primer On-Demand to leverage our team of professionals to create high-quality ad creative with a rapid turnaround.


Extra Tips for Creating Video Ad Scripts

After you’ve created the first ad, save your chat and use it again to have ChatGPT help you create iterations of your video ads with different hooks.

Try this prompt: Write me another, this time with the intro hook [insert hook].

You can flip the script and have ChatGPT write scripts using different CTAs instead of hooks.

Switch up your previous prompt: Write another video script for [your brand] this time. Use a call to action like [insert a script template]. Include voiceover and visual direction, broken into sections with the voiceover and visual directions in each section.

Let ChatGPT Help You Generate Ideas

For my test, I found that these scripts were rarely 100% ready for creative but were usually about 80% of the way there. While ChatGPT can’t do everything, it is a great tool for

  • Brainstorming
  • Getting through writer’s block
  • Generating multiple concepts

Ready to Turn those Scripts into Winning Video Ads?

Now that you’ve kick-started your scriptwriting process, it’s time to turn those scripts into winning video ads.

Partner with Primer to develop winning ads and scale, and let us handle the process for you, including creative strategy, design, production, reporting, and media buying.

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