CTAs that don't feel like CTAs using these ad templates


Let’s say you’ve crafted the perfect paid social ad using proven ad templates. The big question is, now that you have your audience’s attention, how do you get them to take the next step toward making a purchase?

The answer to that lies in your CTA, or call to action.

The most effective CTAs blend into the video or image around them. Yet this may leave you wondering how to write a less overt CTA that still captivates a viewer and converts them into a potential customer.

When it comes to creating video ads that will help maximize growth, we don’t believe you have to reinvent the wheel. Often, great marketing is about using what works and making it fit your brand’s messaging and voice.

Primer has tested thousands of video ads on social platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and others, and we’ve learned how to develop a CTA that converts while also feeling organic to the user and native to the social platform.

Why Should You Include a CTA?

Use Winning CTA ad templates to craft high-converting ads

Simply put, CTAs drive conversions.

When you end a video ad with a CTA, you’re prompting your audience to make a purchase, learn more about a product, or sign up for a service.

In other words, you convinced your target audience to watch the ad with an attention-grabbing hook and showed them the important details, frame-by-frame, by using a proven video ad template. Your CTA tells them what to do next.

Once your audience is inspired to take action, you can boost your conversion rate by having your CTA lead to a landing page tailored to your audience’s ad experience.


Yet, certain types of CTAs aren’t equally effective on all social platforms. In fact, on some platforms, a CTA done wrong can appear out of place for users.

Take TikTok, for instance.

Did you know TikTok ads that blend into the native content of the platform perform much better than those with a prominent CTA?

That’s because TikTok audiences are likely to click away from ads that feel like ads. Users quickly spot and move on from ads that go heavy on branding and a more traditional, overt ad-style presentation.

In these cases, it’s better to let users find their way to the product organically by matching the style of the platform. For instance, you can convert on TikTok by adopting a single-influencer UGC style, avoiding ending with brand cards and overt CTAs, and leaning into native elements of TikTok in your ads.


CTAs That Convert

ad templates for CTAs

Regardless of the social platform where you’re running your ad, a CTA should feel organic to the user and native to the social platform. That’s where we come in.

Check out these 25 examples of CTAs Primer has developed that are proven to convert.


Native Style

As we touched on above, users on platforms like TikTok are fast to click away from ads that feel overproduced and non-native. On the flip side, a native-style ad mimics the elements used on a specific platform, like text and colors, trending sounds and music, and a video format consistent with other users who post on the platform.

  1.     No CTA included (a purely native-style ad).
  2.     End with a search bar. Start your ad with a user searching Google and end with a CTA that is your search term.

Search Bar Example:



UGC Style

A UGC content format is a way to personalize your ads by using creators and UGC ad templates to give them an organic feel. Continue that user voice in the CTA. Test including the CTA both in text on the screen and in the voiceover. We find that using just in the voiceover is powerful, like in the example below, because it feels more like a user’s unique point of view.

  1.     Give [brand] a try. (Great in a customer or creator’s voice: “Definitely, give State Bags a try!”)
  2.     Go check out [brand]. (Another good one for a creator’s voice)
  3.     Don’t sleep on [product]. Order today!
  4.     Don’t waste any more time. Give it a try.

UGC Example:



“Get Started!”

Inspire your audience to act by showing them how simple it is to take the first step with your brand.

  1.     Get started with [brand].
  2.     Get started for [price].
  3.     Get started online.


Problem/Solution Oriented

Highlight a problem or problems your audience might have, or offer solutions to problems they didn’t know existed.

  1.   Fix your [problem].
  2.   Are you ready to let [brand] [solve problem] for you?
  3.   Discover your [solution] today. (Example: Discover your custom lawn plan today.)
  4.   Upgrade your [problem area] today. (Example: Upgrade your outdoor space today.)
  5.   Kickstart [solution] with [brand] today. (Example: Kickstart their reading progress with Ello today.)
  6.   Order [product] today and get [benefit]. (Example: Order a Zen One bundle today and get better sleep in 1-3 nights.)

Fix your [problem] Example: 



Everyone loves to save money on a good deal. Offer your audience a promotion that’s free or discounted, such as a membership, shipping, or money off their purchase.

  1.   Sign up for free today.
  2.   Free shipping (use the CTA to communicate a special offer).
  3.   Get your free [offer/analysis/quiz results].
  4.   Give it a try for just [price].

Free Shipping Example:



Using product-focused ad templates and content is a great way to build up to a CTA that drives home the message about your product.

  1.   Find your perfect [product/attribute].
  2.   Discover [product] just for you.
  3.   Start searching. (This one is great for marketplaces or stores with multiple SKUs where you’re communicating to a wide variety of consumers.)
  4.   Sign up for your first [product] today. (This CTA is effective for subscription brands.)
  5.   Find yours today. (Note that this CTA should be used in voiceover and not in the text on the screen.)
  6.   Say 👋 to [brand].

Say Hi to [brand] Example:


Beyond Ad Templates: How Primer Helps Drive Growth

Using these CTAs in your ads can help drive conversions and boost growth, and they can be easily incorporated into one of Primer’s tested and proven video ad templates.

Remember, hypergrowth marketing is all about using what you already know works to build winning ads!

Beyond offering a range of ad templates to craft high-converting social ads, Primer gives you the tools to keep pace in a rapidly evolving marketing landscape. We help our partners develop top-performing ads and scale them effectively through rapid, high-volume testing of your videos and social ads. This gives you the insights to tap into current trends, iterate top-performing ad content, and maximize your growth.

Primer handles the process for you, including

  • Creative strategy
  • Design
  • Production
  • Reporting
  • Media buying

Schedule a free consultation with Primer to learn how creative testing can help you create successful video ads with CTAs that will take your brand’s growth to the next level.