7 Ways to Make TikTok Ads Feel More Organic


When it comes to creating winning video ads, did you know that 70% of campaign performance is rooted in creative? Ad creative fuels brand success. 

By designing content specifically for the platform, the ads feel more organic and engaging, giving brands the chance to stop the scroll and increase results, lower CPAs, and scale their business. 

At Primer, we’ve helped our partners develop engaging, organic-feeling creative that grows their brands and gains a whole new audience on TikTok. In fact, every single partner we’ve worked with on TikTok has been featured in TikTok Top Ads

Here are 7 ways we are producing some of the top TikTok Ads (and how you can too):

1) Use Single-Influencer UGC

As mentioned in our article 7 reasons your company needs to be running TikTok Ads, authenticity is the key to brand success on the platform. When creating ads, think about it like you’re reposting organic UGC – how would a customer talk about their favorite product?

What if you need to cut up multiple pieces of UGC to tell a complete story? No problem! Just make sure to avoid multiple face-on clips, use similar UGC styles throughout, tie it together with voice-over, and use first-person copy.

2) Emphasize First-Person Copy

By mimicking a native video for your TikTok Ads, you can create the feeling of FOMO (fear of missing out). First-person copy can make a user feel like a company has a following and people are talking about it. 

It can also make an ad feel authentic to viewers and thus generate brand trust. 


3) Mention or Show the Product in the First 3-6 Seconds

While TikTok ad creative is famous for looking native (and not like an ad), it’s still important to get people to remember your brand and know what your video is actually showcasing. 

According to TikTok, 63% of the videos with the highest CTR highlight the product or key message in the first 3 seconds.

We try to put the product or brand name we’re advertising in the first 3-6 seconds AND the thumbnail.

Bonus tip: Consider adding a native-looking CTA in your thumbnail and/or opening frame (When you mention your brand name). 

In a 2020 study by VidMob of over 1,400 TikTok Ads, they found that “featuring a CTA in the opening frame led to a 44% lift in conversion rate compared to when it was displayed later.”


4) Utilize Elements Native to TikTok

The no-frills authenticity of TikTok means lo-fi video and native text, fonts, and colors will drive better performance. Again, you don’t want a user to know it’s an ad right away – this will boost engagement, which can help in other, down-funnel metrics.

Take advantage of the different features of TikTok, including:

  • Closed captions
  • Reply to comments
  • Different text styles and colors (You can even use colors to match your branding)
  • Polls and stickers


5) Lean Into Trending Sounds and Music

Music is at the heart of the platform; some of the biggest viral hits are because of a catchy hook, and the same goes for branded content. 

TikTok now makes it easy to see what audio is trending under their Creative Center “Trend Discovery” tab. Recognizable trends can make a user stop scrolling; it’s easier to hop on to trends associated with certain sounds; and it’s just more fun (for you and your audience)!

6) Don’t Use End Cards

Unlike other social platforms, it’s best to move away from an end card with the brand name, and final CTA. 

Your ad should feel like a native product review, not overproduced trying to fit in. Plus, TikTok will automatically add an end card for you with your logo, caption, and CTA. 


TikTok automatically adds an end card.

7) Include a CTA in Native-Style Captions

Copy for TikTok ads is often less read because of its positioning at the bottom of a video. So, it’s important to make your next steps for the viewer as clear and concise as possible, while making it feel harmonious with the rest of the video.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to have your CTA in native-style captions or to have your voiceover state the CTA clearly. This will help guide users into the next steps and prepare them for what to expect if and when they click TikTok’s automatically-included end card. 


Your Partner in TikTok Ads

Overall, TikTok ad creative can be really fun to create, as long as marketers keep in mind the native style and trends of the platform. 

If you’re looking for help producing and optimizing your TikTok ads, Primer can help! Our ads are frequently featured in TikTok’s Top Ads and we are a partner in the TikTok Creative Exchange, giving us access to unique beta opportunities as a result. 

If you’re looking to jump-start your TikTok ad creative, feel free to book a free, 30-minute growth consultation.