Try This… Here’s Why

From: Primer Designs
Relevant Industry: DTC (Direct-to-Consumer), Health & Wellness
Relevant Channel: Facebook, Instagram, Meta, Pinterest, TikTok
Length: 10-20S
Theme: Buyer Decision Questions (BDQ)
Size: 4:5

Video Script:

Intro / hook: Men over 35 should be tested for low testosterone. Here's why:

Reasons: Low T can cause: Decreased muscle Energy loss Weight gain Lack of focus Mood swings

Solution pt. 1: Here's how guys are taking control...

Solution pt. 2: FDA-approved testosterone, delivered.

No more X: No more Traveling to clinics Mystery medications Awkward pharmacy pickups

Solution + value props: Reignite that fire... from home!

End card: Hone Get started for $45