TikTok Launches Smart Performance Campaigns for TikTok Ads


TikTok recently released Smart Performance Campaigns (SPC) for TikTok ads, and it’s a game-changer for advertisers on the platform. 

Similar to Meta’s Advantage+ campaigns, SPC is TikTok’s end-to-end automation solution that uses machine learning to optimize for the best performance and marketing goals. It simplifies the campaign creation process and enhances ad delivery strategies for audience, bidding, and creative exploration. Essentially, SPC removes the need for marketers to set up individual ad groups, determine bidding strategies, or place creative tests.

At a high level, TikTok (Meta too) is trying to further level the playing field for advertisers so that the practice of running ads is simple. With account optimizations removed, this is also more evidence that ad creative is the biggest lever brands can pull to drive growth. 


Who Should Use SPC for TikTok Ads? 

Any performance marketer who wants to reduce time spent in the account and see an increase in performance is a good fit for SPC. According to TikTok, it reduces campaign creation time by 26%. They also say it extends the ad lifespan by 37% when compared with manual campaigns. 87% of the Closed Beta advertisers also reported statistically better CPA and ROAS when compared to status quo setups.

We’re seeing pretty amazing results at Primer too. Here’s what our team had to say:

TikTok Ads get more efficiency with Smart Performance Campaigns


SPC is great for performance-driven advertisers who are comfortable with giving control to the system over audience targeting. It can mean less time spent setting up campaigns and tinkering with ad accounts. 


How to Set Up SPC for your TikTok Ads 

To test SPC, ensure a minimum of 20:1 budget-to-bid ratio, with 50:1 being the most ideal. Use daily budget for even pacing and avoid touching the campaign for the first 7-days or prior to reaching 50 conversions. CPA fluctuation is normal during this time, so it’s essential to stay patient. Use a minimum of three diverse creative assets to get the best results. We recommend setting it up as an equal, 1:1 test against a standard campaign with the same budget to really understand if SPC is a winner for your account.


Get Access to SPC 

TikTok’s Smart Performance Campaign is currently in public beta. As a TikTok partner, Primer can help connect you with reps and beta opportunities. Schedule a call to get started.