65% CVR Increase

With Interactive Landing Pages and High-Volume Creative Testing

THE GOAL is an automated notetaking app that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help their customers boost productivity in meetings, lectures, dictation, and more.’s goal was to grow their customer base and scale ad spend while improving their cost per acquisition.


Increase Volume of Creative Testing’s previous creative strategy used language and visuals common in the tech world. They were blending in where they needed to stand out. By testing large amounts of copy, visuals, and landing pages, we pushed creative boundaries to the edges of their brand guides to find new scroll-stopping ways of appealing to the customer.

We aggressively tested creative at high volumes and found outliers that resonated with the audience, including retro imaging, videos showcasing the software, and testimonial copy. Once finding these outliers, we quickly scaled various combinations of winners to build a large stable of ads that could maintain a strong CAC while actively scaling spend.


Retargeting CPA
Click-To-Purchase Conversion Rate


  • Focused copy on boosting productivity and customer pain points of manual notes paired with pop-art images and videos allowed to stand out in the competitive tech ad space.
  • A quiz-style landing page that positioned as the ideal solution to the customer’s urgent needs increased conversion rate 65%.
  • Restructuring their retargeting campaign with specific MOF messaging and its own landing page lowered retargeting CPA 43%.
  • These wins allowed us to scale monthly purchases by 60% while reducing overall CPA by up to 13% MoM.*

*From July 2021 – October 2021


Our high volume of testing quickly revealed native ad units that drove significant increases in purchase volume and ROAS.

Increase in CVR
Lower Retargeting CPA
Purchase Increase


Meta Video Ads

New, energetic video design combined with clear demonstrations of the app drove strong performance across placements.

“Primer has been critical to our growth over the past year. The team’s expertise with creative and landing pages that convert have had a huge impact on our ability to scale paid efforts and grow our revenue YoY.”

– Chang Chen,
Head of Growth & Marketing

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