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With Custom Video Ads

Farmstead is on a mission to change groceries forever. They deliver seasonal, local, organic groceries to your doorstep with no fees and no minimums.

Farmstead is the first online grocer to offer fresh, high-quality groceries, delivered for free, at better prices than local supermarkets.

Using AI technology, Farmstead has reinvented the grocery buying experience and rewired how food moves across the country, to significantly reduce food waste and fulfill its mission of making high quality, locally sourced food accessible to everyone.


Create a Thumb-Stopping Brand


Primer partnered with Farmstead on Facebook marketing, aiming to dramatically ramp up new customer acquisition. For the first year and a half, the sole focus was to drive prospective customers to their online experience.

Fast forward to 2020, where consumers and grocery shoppers are facing new challenges every day and many are looking for high quality online grocers that they can trust. Farmstead and Primer worked together to uncover their core brand pillars and position them in front of a new world of consumers.

Two videos were created. Multiple :50 second versions and one :06 second version.

Reaching SF Shoppers



A full funnel approach was taken to develop the social media strategy for Farmstead. We focused on each layer of the funnel and built custom audiences based on thruplays from the brand videos to help scale and run sequential messaging to keep Farmstead top of mind for San Francisco Bay Area residents. The :50 second videos were used for prospecting and the :06 second video for retargeting.

By using Primer’s proprietary software we were able to test several different versions of the brand video to find the right mix of audience and creative. The platform is powered by AI that pauses underperforming ads and boosts budget quickly to the early standouts.

What were the results?
It drove a ton of new customer orders at a 48% lower CPA YoY. By building a custom audience list based off of video views, our total retargeting campaign orders increased by a whopping 87% YoY while conversion rate increased by 39% YoY.

Primer is uniquely positioned with a creative team, marketing team, and landing page platform that generate the high volume of testing required to successfully scale on Facebook’s ad platform.

It gets even better. As a result of the brand video prospecting over 369,000 unique users in the Bay Area with over 1.2M impressions, we saw an increase in “Farmstead” branded searches by 86% YoY and branded SEM order volume increased by 39% YoY. Holy smokes.


lower cost per new customer
higher retargeting order volume
higher SEM order volume

*based on June - July 2020 compared to same period in 2019


Meta Video Ads

Together, we found powerful videos that broke through and spoke to shoppers during a difficult time.

In the end, Primer increased conversion rate by 39% and lowered CPA by 48% while increasing branded search volume by 86%.

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