More than one creative brief

One of the main reasons people choose Primer On-Demand to design their creative assets is the speed, experience, and expertise of our team. We know the ins and outs of growth marketing and what works best for each platform. With Primer On-Demand, you get a team of top-notch designers that have decades of experience, degrees from design institutions, and/or have held employment at leading brands. 

What you might not know is just how many other people you’re getting on your team. From project management to quality assurance, there are a number of behind-the-scenes roles that ensure you get the very best creative on time. Get to know your Primer On-Demand Team!

1. Your Account Manager

This is the person that sets you up for success. From day one, she reviews your account, brand assets, and helps you finish any lingering onboarding steps. Questions about your account will go through her.

Though we call her a Production Coordinator, you can think of her as your own personal Account Manager. 

2. Your Project Manager

Once you submit a creative request, it goes to our Production Leads. You might never interact with them, but you can think of them as your own personal Project Managers. They review the details of your request, make sure we have everything we need from you, and ensure it’s done by your due date.

They assign your request based on the type of request and the best available designer for the job.

3. Video Editors

You have several video editors, graphic designers, and landing page developers at your disposal. They each have a unique blend of skill sets, specialties, and interests that impact who works on your video or other project.

With Primer On-Demand, you’re getting a team of video editors whose work has consistently been featured on TikTok’s Top Ads. Though all produce high-quality videos, the type of video you request will determine who it’s assigned to. Maybe you’re looking to stay up to date on a particular platform that one video editor is obsessed with. Maybe you’re looking for an emphasis on music, cool effects, or a certain aesthetic, such as clean, edgy, or native. We’ll find the best video editor for you.

Download: Spending too much time planning your video ads? Click here to get free video brief templates!

4. Graphic Designers and Illustrators

Most customers come to us needing high-quality graphics for ad creative. Our team of top-notch graphic designers are trained in growth marketing and stay up to date on best practices. Again, the designer that works on your project depends on the type of request. Some of our designers are best for a certain aesthetic, others are great with trends, and others are best at creating illustrations for your image ads.

You’ll always get the best designer for the job.

5. Landing Page Designers

You’ll also have access to our landing page designers who are trained to build conversion-focused, on-brand landing pages within our proprietary landing page platform. While each designer can produce a high-performing landing page, we match designers to the requests based on the type of business, functionality required, and style of page.

6. Quality Assurance

Even though you’re getting some of the best designers out there, we still like to do a quality assurance check. Every creative request goes through an internal review before it’s submitted to you.

Expand Your Team

With Primer On-Demand, you’re expanding your team to include some of the best growth marketing designers. But even beyond that, you’re getting people dedicated to the success of your account, your projects, and the quality of your creative. If you’re ready to expand your team, click here to get started with Primer On-Demand.