You need more than one Creative Brief template

When you hire Primer, you don’t just get a growth marketing agency. You get a full-stack growth marketing team. We consider our agency clients “partners” because your goals become our goals and we work closely to achieve them together.

The testing methodology we rely on for your growth requires quick action, close management, and a lot of creative, which requires a full team. That’s why each agency partner doesn’t just get one marketing manager, they get an entire Primer growth marketing team that’s dedicated to their success.

Here are all the new team members you get when you hire Primer:


Vice President of Paid Media

The Vice President of Paid Media on your Primer team oversees all your marketing efforts and long term business goals and needs. This person works with you to establish a forward-vision of where you need your business to go and how ad campaigns can help you get there. With your vision defined, they will then work with the Director of Paid Media to strategize more immediate needs on an ongoing basis to ensure we reach your long term goals.

Director of Paid Media

Director of Paid Media

You’ll have a Director of Paid Media overseeing your account strategy along with immediate business needs. This person is invaluable as he or she can provide an immense amount of insight into the direction you could take with your ad strategy. The Director has eyes and ears into a wide range of businesses, constantly learning from what is or is not working, and applying those insights to help you win.


Growth Marketing Manager

In addition to the Director, you will meet with your  Growth Marketing Manager every week to discuss performance, insights, and goals. Your Manager handles the execution of the immediate marketing strategy that you determined with the Director of Paid Media. The two of them will be your closest team members at Primer. The Growth Marketing Manager works closely with the Creative Strategist to execute on your immediate goals.

Creative Strategist

The Creative Strategist will help translate higher level goals into specific creative assets, taking into account current trends in footage, text, audio, music, etc., and optimizing for all the different ad platforms and mediums. They will create a strategy for the creative of a campaign, put together thorough creative briefs, and assign the designs out to our team of graphic designers, video editors, or landing page designers.


Graphic Designers, Video Editors, and Landing Page Designers

At Primer, we know the pathway to growth is great creative and a lot of it. With the creative we produce for partners held to very high standards, you can be sure that you’re getting high-quality creative in a short turnaround time from top-notch designers. With our partnership relying so strongly on creative, the design team you get has been rigorously vetted. Our designers and editors have decades of experience, degrees from design institutions, and/or have held employment at leading brands. To learn more about the design team, check out The Team Members You Get with Primer On-Demand.


Creative Director

This person is the final gatekeeper on your ad creative, ensuring that what we’ve produced for you is on-brand and performance-driven. As an extension of your team, your Creative Director knows your brand guidelines inside and out and oversees the brand identity, look, and feel of every single asset. Every design goes through a quality assurance check by the Creative Director before being delivered to you for review.

Ready to Expand Your Growth Marketing Team?

Consider Primer as your centralized growth marketing team. With an agency team of over 6 people dedicated to the success and growth of your accounts, you can be sure that you’ll be poised for growth far quicker than going solo.

“We really depend on Primer as an extension of our team. Their strategic input and deep knowledge in direct marketing is essential to our growth.” – Zach Phillips, Co-Founder of Nom Nom

If you’re ready to expand your team, schedule a call today!