A few weeks ago, Primer On-Demand had its public beta launch. Primer On-Demand is a platform that allows you to get high-quality creative assets designed for conversion and produced by our creative team in 2 to 4 business days. We’re excited to share our first external product update!

Here’s a look at some updates we made to make Primer easier than ever for you.

Introducing The New Dashboard — With In-Primer Messaging and the Activity Feed

Recent Activity Feed

Previously, customers would only receive emails about the status of their creative requests, any lingering tasks they have, or questions from our team. Then we realized – you need to be able to see all of your Primer updates, tasks, and conversations in one place. This new dashboard puts some crucial workflows right at your fingertips:

  • Message Board
  • Your Tasks
  • Activity Feed

Now you don’t have to switch back and forth between email and Primer to know what’s going on in your Primer projects. Let’s dive into each feature.


Now you can message your Primer team with any questions , right from the dashboard.

Have a question about a request you’re putting together? Need a change to your required or optional reviewers? Want to communicate something to the Primer team, but not sure the best place? Send the team a message from the dashboard!

Recent Activity Feed

Quickly get up to speed with everything you, your team and Primer are doing within your Primer project. Click the › to go to the relevant item, or hover over the dot on the left to check the timing.

Your Tasks

In one glance, see if you have any outstanding reviews waiting for you. 

Comment Notifications

When a creative request is in the review stage, there are usually multiple reviewers. It can be hard to keep track of the comments that are added via email notifications, which is how it worked previously.

So we’ve added some in-app comment notifications so you always know when there are comments from teammates or Primer.

Click the bell to view the notifications. Click the › to see the comments. You can also mark notifications read individually or mark all as read.

We even added comment counts and a subtle red dot to indicate you have unread comments on a request. This is helpful when viewing projects from the Creative Requests page.

Referral Thank You Gifts

Thanks to everyone who has shared Primer On-Demand and/or Agency with their friends and colleagues. We really appreciate all the kind words. 

We’d like to send both you and our new partners thank you gifts for the referral. Your Primer rep should already be in contact, but please reach out if you haven’t heard yet or are interested in sending referrals soon!

Thanks For Reading!

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Already a customer and want to send your feedback or ideas for improvement? Let us know by emailing brady@goprimer.com.