If you’ve heard about Primer On-Demand and/or the testing methodology we use to run our partner’s ads, you might be wondering, “is this an agency or a product?”

The answer: both!

At Primer, the name of the game is growth. That’s why we’re the go-to hypergrowth marketing company for brands that need to scale fast. But that can look a bit different to different companies depending on their needs.

Our agency partners and our internal creative and growth teams all use the Primer platform to manage our partner’s ads, creative requests, and creative workflow. However, even companies that want to continue running their own ads can buy Primer On-Demand to get unlimited creative produced by our team.

Is Primer an Agency? 

Yes! On the agency side, we help brands grow fast through paid social advertising and top-notch ad creative. Primer started as an agency and has been in the business for almost 10 years.

When you test more, you win more. That’s why we test more than anyone to find the best images, videos, copy, audiences, and landing pages to continuously hit your growth goals on each individual channel. 

Our creative team designs creative assets tailor-made for growth, while our growth team manages your entire experimentation process to ensure you’re making the right moves with your ad spend. You can expect:

  • Rapid-fire testing
  • Custom landing pages
  • Continuous pipeline of ads
  • Full-service account management

All you do is sit back and enjoy the wins, like these happy clients (view case studies).

Is Primer a Product?

Yes! Primer On-Demand is a software platform that allows you to get high-quality creative assets designed for conversion and produced by our creative team in 2 to 4 business days.

The biggest growth lever is ad creative, so companies interested in growing fast need a lot of great creative to test. Unfortunately, it’s hard to build a continuous pipeline of high-quality assets in house. So, we built Primer On-Demand.

Primer On-Demand was initially used to simplify the creative workflow between us and our partners, while also simplifying the ad management process by bringing it directly into the app. But now, all companies can use Primer On-Demand to build their creative pipeline (even those that want to keep their ad management in-house)!

Brands love it because they can make unlimited requests for creative assets that are focused on conversions, whether images, videos, or landing pages, and get them back fast. They can then easily make edit requests if needed and get final deliverables all within the app.

Learn more about Primer On-Demand.

Interested in the agency or product?

Whether you want to grow fast with our agency’s rapid-testing process or get a constant flow of creative that’s designed to convert, Primer can help. 

Get started with Primer On-Demand here. To book a growth consultation for full-service management, click the button below.