Your landing page is the first intentional point of contact for your customers. Your ad templates led them to your landing page, and now it’s time to generate conversions and make a sale.

Is your landing page effective and provides your target audience with the best possible experience? The only way to know is to test it, but you can be more confident and avoid wasting time by ensuring you have the necessary elements of a winning landing page.


Elements of High-Conversion Landing Pages

The best landing pages focus on the customer’s journey and guide them toward conversion. In other words, consider what your audience needs, from scannable copy to custom-made visuals emphasizing your brand’s product or service, and make sure they can access it on whatever device they’re using.

Landing Page Templates

Keep your landing page template in mind. These variations address different things in their headers, and the remaining structure depends on the goal. For example:

  • BDQs (Buyer Decision Questions) – Address the key questions your customer needs answered before they are confident buying. Include concise answers, stats and proof, and include unique selling points mixed in with your answers. I.e if you were buying a car, you would need to know the MPG, the # of doors and the paint color.
  • Listicle – In a sequence, specify why your product will solve problems or what makes it unique. Using the listed examples as proof, promise to satisfy your future customers.
  • Vs. Alternative – Position your product as the best possible solution to a customer’s problem, comparing directly to traditional solutions, your direct competitors, or doing nothing. You should provide meaningful comparisons vs alternatives, trustworthy testimonials, and a breakdown of why your product is the best solution.
  • Sales Questions – Rather than you reminding them their problem or goal, ask a question that causes your target customer to recall their problem on their own. Continue asking Qs so that they remember how urgently they want to solve it, and how they’ll feel when they solve it. Once they’ve reminded themselves of what they want, they will be excited to follow through with your call to action (CTA) right away.
  • Personalized – Simply state what makes your product different. Get the press talking about how great your product is, demonstrate how easy it is to get the product, share customer testimonials, add before and after pictures, and show what makes the product special.
  • Press/Testimonial – Start with a quote validating your product’s selling points and show quotes from press outlets, customers, and UGC examples. Tell customers how easy it is to reach similar results and guarantee the product fits their needs.

Download Primer’s favorite landing page templates here!

Rocksbox Landing Page Screenshot

Landing Page Key Elements

Run through this at-a-glance checklist to make sure your landing page has all of the essential elements that set it up for success.

  • Most Crucial: Information that addresses your audience’s core Buyer Decisions Questions (BDQs)
  • Differentiation from potential alternatives and competitors (position directly vs the alternatives)
  • A focused and direct headline addressing your target audience according to your landing page template
  • Clear calls to action (CTAs) both above the fold and in each section
  • Easily scannable copy with no more than 3 lines per paragraph
  • Responsive design — optimized for mobile and desktop use
  • Uncluttered, consistent design elements throughout

Browse our landing page gallery to glimpse this checklist in action.

Screenshot of a landing page for Apostrophe. Title "5 Reasons why Apostrophe is the best option for your skin. Image of 5 assorted bottle product shots.


Strategizing Variety


Landing page wins fatigue much more slowly, so you get more bang for your investment in landing page creation. Once you find a win, you can easily scale that win by swapping the hero section headlines, body copy, images and videos (as well as within other sections) to improve results. This will give you a way to test a specific message or feature within the page without creating an entirely new page.



Test With Primer

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