Test more,
win more.
Primer is your solution to rising ad costs. We're part agency, part platform, and all about testing to win.

We test more than anyone to find the best images, videos, copy, audiences and landing pages to continuously hit your growth goals.
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Hypergrowth is our specialty
When you're growing fast, every move counts. But few companies are built to be testing factories. Primer manages the entire experimentation process to ensure you're making the right moves with your ad spend. You can expect:
Rapid-fire testing
Our testing platform launches a high volume of ad tests very fast. That includes landing pages, images, videos, audiences, and copy. Thousands of tests always leads to results.
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Landing pages built for performance
To achieve the highest possible conversion rates, we custom design landing pages exclusively for performance marketing.
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Ads designed to convert
Before an ad is designed, each test is carefully planned in our testing roadmap and informed by previous test performance to maximize the potential for conversion.
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Expertise behind every test
Our team of growth marketing experts strategically plan and manage each test to ensure that more doesn't mean higher costs.
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"Primer runs experiments faster than any team we've worked with. Their results speak for themselves. They've helped us go from 0 to 100 with paid advertising without any in-house resources dedicated to the effort on our end."
Hiten Shah
Founder of FYI, Product Habits,
and Crazy Egg
"We really depend on Primer as an extension of our team. Their strategic input and deep knowledge in direct marketing is essential to our growth."
Zach Phillips
Co-Founder, Nom Nom
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Facebook Video Ads
Your video ad pipeline is solved. Forget fighting over limited resources.

Primer Videos is offering select brands early access to a dedicated, on-demand team of video designers to produce custom-designed video ads for Facebook and Instagram.
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