Get 2.1x More Activations Personalize My App

Instantly deploy native screens personalized for every new user.

Create high converting new user experiences without code. Personalize based on traffic source. Deploy native screens in between releases.

A custom experience for each new user

Show each new customer a highly relevant experience depending on where they came from. Create unique flows for:
  • Online ad campaigns
  • Website referrals
  • Invites from friends

Revamp flows to boost conversion

Stop tinkering with button color. Test completely different new user experiences to increase conversion by 100% or more.
  • Test the order and number of inputs in your signup flow
  • See if users prefer email, phone number or Facebook login
  • Figure out what drives your highest value conversions

Instant access to high-converting screens

Get a head start with gorgeous, ready-to-use screens built by growth experts for each major mobile traffic source.
  • No need to design and build onboarding from scratch
  • Benefit from lessons learned across 50+ mobile app developers
  • Customize everything for your app using Primer’s code-free visual editor
// Initialize the Primer SDK
[[Primer sharedInstance] registerClientWithToken:@"PrimerSDKToken"];
// Presents the Primer Flow
[[Primer sharedInstance] appLaunchComplete];

Break free from the release cycle

One-time SDK integration. Infinite personalized native screens.
  • Install once in under 10 minutes
  • Change the first few screens of your app independent of your release schedule
  • Instantly update, test and personalize without ever touching code again

Instantly deploy native screens personalized for every new user.

What are you waiting for?